Welcome to the Southeastern Amateur

Since its founding in 1960, the Southeastern Amateur Championship has grown to become
one of the premier amateur golf tournaments in Massachusetts. Past champions include
Allen Doyle, holder of two US Senior Open Championships and former PGA tour card holders,
Dr. Bill Mallon, Dave Marad, David O'Kelly and Peter Teravanien. Dubbed the championship
of working men by tournament co-founder Roger Barry, the players compete for MGA
Player of the Year points in this final significant event of the season on the Massachusetts
golf calendar.

Fitzpatrick wins 2017 Championship

Drama played out in an old fashioned shoot-out at Wollaston Golf Club Sunday as Sean Fitzpatrick (70-76-70) 216 won the 2017 Southeastern Amateur by one shot over Patrick Welch and two shots over John Hadges. The back nine at Wollaston saw a crowded leaderboard as these three plus Herbie Aikens went back and forth. Fitzpatrick made the fewest mistakes to hold on for a deserving win.

The venues of Easton Country Club, Thorny Lea Golf Club and Wollaston Golf Club were stiff tests with very slick greens combining with varied weather conditions (typical New England in October-sunny at times with a mix of strong winds and rain at other times).

The strongest field we have seen in recent years found Easton at its best, with Fitzpatrick, Welch, and Don Reycroft posting 70 in ideal scoring conditions. The afternoon winds picked up at Thorny Lea. Aikens' solid 69 was low. Fitzpatrick’s 5 birdie 70 at Wollaston in weather that had it all (rain, wind, and finally sun) won the tournament for him.

John Hadges (72-74-72) 218 earned the Dick Lambert Senior division title, Jon Fasick (76-72-75) 223 the Fordie Pitts Super Senior division title, and Thorny Lea (John Hadges, Shuvam Bhaumik, Steve Tasho) once again the Ray Bump Team championship. 

Sean Fitzpatrick, 2017 Southeastern Amateur Champion

Final pairing 2017 Southeastern Amateur at Wollaston.
L-R: Herbie Aikens, Jason Cook, Patrick Welch

2017 SAC - Gross Scores
1 Sean Fitzpatrick, George Wright GC 70-76-70--216
2 Patrick Welch, Swansea CC 70-74-73--217
T3 John Hadges*, Thorny Lea GC 72-74-72--218
Herbie Aikens, Old Sandwich Golf Club 72-69-77--218
T5 Don Reycroft*, Glen Ellen 70-77-73--220
Shuvam Bhaumik, Thorny Lea GC 74-70-76--220
7 Doug Clapp, Old Sandwich GC 70-79-73--222
8 Jon Fasick**, New England CC 76-72-75--223
T9 Jason Cook, Pine Oaks 71-71-84--226
Jeff Stewart*, Marshfield CC 76-74-76--226
T11 David Lee, Thorny Lea 71-76-80--227
Mackenzie Nelson, Wollaston 74-77-76--227
T13 Steven Tasho*, Thorny Lea GC 76-76-76--228
Nick Carter, Brockton CC 76-77-75--228
15 Matthew Montt, Plymouth CC 78-77-74--229
16 Richard King**, Hyannis GC 77-75-79--231
T17 Michael Willock, Cohasset GC 79-76-78--233
Rob Parsi, Stow Acres 73-79-81--233
Kevin Crawford, Winthrop GC 77-77-79--233
Carter Fasick**, Westborough CC 75-79-79--233
Bob Mancini, Thorny Lea GC 77-76-80--233
Tim Johnson, Poquoy Brook 76-79-78--233
T23 Michael Souliotis, Haverhill CC 73-82-79--234
Derek Schug, Old Sandwich 78-77-79--234
T25 Brad Cadigan, South Shore CC 77-83-75--235
Mike Arter*, LeBaron Hills 77-75-83--235
Peter Duffy, Easton CC 78-77-80--235
Chuck Gomes*, Segregansett CC 77-74-84--235
David Spitz 72-79-84--235
T30 Ryan Crough, Cohasset GC 76-82-80--238
Justin DeBortoli, Allendale CC 78-78-82--238
Marty Burke, Ponkapoag GC 76-81-81--238
33 David Pomarico**, Poquoy Brook GC 82-78-79--239
T34 Gary Palmer*, Segregansett CC 79-77-84--240
Mike Verde, Easton CC 76-77-87--240
36 Steve Bruce, Plymouth 80-79-82--241
37 Jeff Smith, Poquoy Brook 79-78-85--242
T38 Dustin Willard, Boston Golf Club 75-81-87--243
Tom O'Toole, Furnace Brook GC 78-81-84--243
T40 George Lane, Thorny Lea GC 78-80-86--244
Daniel Munnelly, George Wright 77-85-82--244
42 Kyle Pelletier, Acushnet River Valley 78-84-84--246
T43 Josh Gurman, Brockton 79-83-85--247
T43 Nick Bean, Poquoy Brook Gc 75-88-84--247
45 Bill Kidik*, Segregansett CC 78-88-83--249
T46 Steve Barber**, Franklin CC 83-78-89--250
Alex Russian, Wollaston GC 79-84-87--250
48 Rick Kelly*, Brockton CC 78-82-91--251
49 Douglas Maccaferri, Plymouth CC 80-78-96--254
50 James Kennedy, Crosswinds 79-87-95--261
51 Seamus Moore, Presidents 76-93-98--267
52 Stanley O'Brien**, Wampatuck CC 83-96-97--276
*Denotes Senior 55 or older and **Denotes Super Senior 65 or older










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